Local musician sings praises of Winsted

Winsted musician Jim Moore.
Winsted musician Jim Moore.

WINSTED — When resident Jim Moore posted his song “My Winsted” to Facebook on Tuesday, Oct. 15, he did not expect to get the overwhelmingly positive reaction that the song has received.
The song describes Winsted as “a small town at the end of the rainbow. A place where people still know your name. There’s mom and pop stores all along Main Street, and you can still catch Gilbert High’s football game.”
Moore is originally from Torrington and has been a Winsted resident for 22 years and was inspired to write the song after a drive down Route 44 with his wife.
“We were driving down Route 44 just after a rainstorm and a rainbow came over across the hill, looking like it ended right on Winsted’s town line right after Colebrook,” Moore said. “I told my wife ‘Just look at that! Winsted is the town at the end of the rainbow.’ I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but I said to myself that someday I am going to use that for a song. What rekindled that line is when I started to see photos online people from Winsted were posting of fall foliage. People were posting majestic fall foliage pictures of the lake and of Main Street.”
Moore said that all the lyrics of the song are descriptions for the town.
“You walk downtown, people look you in the eye and smile,” Moore said. “I just tried to encompass everything about Winsted in the song.”
Moore goes on to sing about Winchester Center, Soldiers’ Monument, East End Park and sings that Winsted is where “the town folk meet your eyes with a smile. I believe they call it the Berkshire Lifestyle. Makes you want to stay here for a while.”
“To me, the ‘Berkshire Lifestyle’ is something that is an experience,” Moore said. “It is an aura. You are fortunate enough to live in this area and just enjoy the things that come with it. I think Winsted is no different than any other town. We can fight back and forth about taxes and schools, but when it comes down to it, the town is made up of good people. To me, Winsted is nothing without the people that are living in it and I think it is made up of so many caring and compassionate people.”
Moore added that while the song is called “My Winsted,” he believes that the song represents other people’s feelings about the town as well.
“People would die to live in a town like Winsted,” he said. “I had no idea it would ever get the reception that it had from people online. It only took me 10 minutes to write the whole thing, just got it all right out.”
To hear the song, go to Moore’s Bandlab page at