Bubble tea store opens in Winsted

Papa Boba general manager Jessie Alper, employee Lynn Liau and owner Tony Hang.
Papa Boba general manager Jessie Alper, employee Lynn Liau and owner Tony Hang.

WINSTED — Back in the summer of 2018, Tony Hang opened his Vietnamese restaurant Mama Pho, which originally was located at 108 Main Street but eventually moved to 242 Main Street.
After more than a year of attracting customers from all over the Northwest Corner, Hang  decided to expand his culinary offerings with Papa Boba, which opened in October at 246 Main Street.
According to general manager Jessie Alper, bubble tea is “a twist on the regular tea that you drink every day.”
“You can have green, black or milk tea and inside the tea, we have different toppings that are in there,” Alper said. “You can have gummies, jelly, pudding and other types of toppings in the tea.”
“The only other places you can find a store that sells bubble tea is in New York and Hartford,” Hang said. “We wanted to have a place that sells bubble tea in Winsted.”
Bubble tea was invented in the 1980s in Taiwan and there are many types of varieties and more than 30 flavors offered at Papa Boba, including almond, caramel, honeydew, mocha, and chocolate.
“It’s one of Taiwan’s most popular beverages,” employee Lynn Liau said. “It’s also for people who don’t like alcohol. It’s very refreshing and it’s new for many Americans.”
“There’s a lot of flavors, toppings and it’s all very customizable to one’s taste,” Alper said. “We also make hot tea for the wintertime.”
“We don’t put a cup of water and cook a tea bag in a microwave,” Hang added. “We cook our tea and tea leaves thoroughly. We have all-natural tea leaves that are not in a teabag. It’s a high-quality product that you can’t find in a grocery store.”
Papa Boba also offers a variety of desserts, including milkshakes.
The store is open Sunday through Thursday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.
For more information call 860-909-1120 or visit www.papaboba.com.