QUIRK’S Q&A: Lucinda Rowe and Mick Connolly from Red Room Sound Studio


The Winsted Phoenix asks five questions of the people who are creating exceptional work in the Northwest Corner. Lucinda Rowe and Mick Connolly are national recording artists renowned for their tours under the name “Lucinda and Michael.” This creative couple is bringing their analog recording and production studio, The Red Room Sound Studio, to the heart of downtown Torrington. Their new location is at 21 Water Street in the original Old Fellows Hall that was formerly the home of the Nutmeg Ballet and Catapult Entertainment. Lucinda and Mick believe the retro aesthetic will inspire all who enter The Red Room Sound Studio and it will be an extraordinary performance and meeting space for a wide variety of entertainers and organizations.

1) What was the first musical selection you purchased with your own money?

Lucinda: My first “self-bought” album was on vinyl and it was “Meet the Monkees.” I was addicted to the TV show and loved their music. Mickey Dolenz cracked me up.

Mick: My first “Self-Bought” album was a vinyl record “There and Back “ by Jeff Beck.  I I was blown away not just by his guitar playing, but the “sound” of the whole album.

2) Can you describe one of the most memorable experiences you’ve ever had performing on stage?

Mick: I got to perform “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” with Carmine Appice  who was the co-writer of the song, written with Rod Stewart, at the Warner Theatre in Torrington. Being a Jeff Beck fan I got hip to Carmine through Bogart, Beck and Appice. 

Lucinda: I have been fortunate to perform with so many well-known artists but performing “Take Me Home Tonight” as a finale with Eddie Money was incredible. He was so nice to me and I am so sad that he is gone.

3) Musicians often have many mentors throughout their careers. Who was one of your mentors and how did they influence you?

Mick: Having worked with many extremely professional people throughout my career, I have been mentored by many, starting many years ago to present day working alongside Lucinda. Surrounding yourself with talent and professionalism goes a long way.

Lucinda: We are all mentored by people along the way, some you never ever meet… being aware of everything that goes on around you is a huge mentor in itself. My mom and dad believed in me more than I ever believed in myself. They always said “To be a star, be what you are. You’ll never make it if you try to fake it”. I don’t subscribe to the “fake it till you make it” theory. I am an authentic artist and look for authenticity in those I work with.

4) The Red Room Sound Studio is a fully analog recording studio. How does analog recording differ from digital and who are some of the musical artists who have availed themselves of that opportunity and recorded at the studio?

Mick and Lucinda: (Laughs) We would need a whole other article to describe what we feel the differences are between analog and digital recording. However, both are great, we just prefer to work with this format. We have had many local and regional artists record or perform in our studio as well as legendary artists Steve Katz (founding member of Blood Sweat and Tears), 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ricky Byrd (former member of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts), Corey Glover of Living Colour,  Andy Pratt (Avenging Annie fame), Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge), Don Harris (Chic, Tower of Power) and many others.

5) As national recording artists having performed extensively throughout the United States, what is it about northwest Connecticut that enticed you to build your studio and recording space here?

Mick and Lucinda:  We both grew up in Newtown and later we moved to New Fairfield where we started recording in our Shed Sound Studio. Years later we moved to Litchfield and fell in love with the area. As artists we had the ultimate pleasure of performing many times at the Nancy Marine Studio Theatre at the Warner Theatre in Torrington as well as Infinity Hall in Norfolk. We were looking for a place to expand our studio and we fell in love with the historic building at 21 Water Street

For more information on booking studio time or information on events please call the studio at 860-361-6801 or contact lucinda@flyingkeyentertainment.com.

Joseph Timothy Quirk is the creator and producer of Nutmeg Junction radio program which airs on 13 stations. He is a cartoonist who comics has appeared in four newspapers throughout 2009-2017 and has been a freelance entertainment journalist.