Gilbert School student Brianna Ortiz and her mother Mariah Martin.
Gilbert School student Brianna Ortiz and her mother Mariah Martin.

WINSTED — With a song or two in her heart, Gilbert School student Brianna Ortiz, 14, has Broadway aspirations.
Brianna, who previously attended the RJ Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts in Hartford before attending Gilbert, recently auditioned for the off-broadway performance of “TREVOR The Musical.”
Both Brianna and her mother, Mariah Martin, said that they expect to audition for more musicals in the future.
“When you are acting you can be whatever you want,” Brianna said. “My favorite songs are anything from Broadway. I love Broadway because it combines my favorite things all mixed: acting, dancing, and singing.”
Brianna’s first musical performance was as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” in sixth grade.
“I’m her biggest fan,” Martin said. “I’m super proud of her because she’s an incredible kid with an incredible voice.”
Martin said that Brianna is a big fan of Broadway shows.
“In the past month we have gone to four Broadway shows that we won lotteries for: ‘Hamilton,’ ‘Mean Girls,’ ‘Aladdin, and ‘Anastasia,’” Martin said. “For me, I loved to watch the look on Brianna’s face as she watched the shows. It’s amazing. I can see her up there on the Broadway stage one day.
Martin said that, while she will continue to drive her daughter up to New York City for auditions, the two are still in the process of looking for an agent.
“We were recently at an audition in Manhattan and we realized that she’s the only one without an agent,” Martin said. “We are trying to get her an agent to help her navigate auditions.”
In the meantime, Brianna will be performing in Gilbert’s production of “Willy Wonka The Musical” on Friday, March 13, Saturday, March 14, and Sunday, March 15.
“I play Violet and I get to blow up!” Brianna said. “In the future, for a career I would like to work as an actress or maybe be a musical theater teacher in an arts magnet school.”
As for advice, she would give other actresses out there, Brianna said “Just because you don’t get into the show you want to get into, you can still keep trying. Eventually, you will get your shot.”