Nutmeg Chatter radio show has two new hosts

Nutmeg Chatter Hosts Phil Hall and Rich Cyr.
Nutmeg Chatter Hosts Phil Hall and Rich Cyr.

TORRINGTON —  After three years and over 100 interviews, Joseph Timothy Quirk has handed off Nutmeg Chatter to Rich Cyr and Phil Hall.
Quirk, who is continuing with his old-time style radio show Nutmeg Junction, started Nutmeg Chatter on WAPJ in February 2017.
“I wrote about arts and culture for several years for a local newspaper, all to support the local arts and culture community,” Quirk wrote via email. “My first guest was WAPJ General Manager John Ramsey and we discussed his work on community radio. After I started the show I constantly had interviews every single week.”
The show is now on eight radio stations including WAPJ in Torrington and WHDD in Sharon.
Both Cyr and Hall said that they will be continuing where Quirk left off and will continue to interview artists, authors, musicians, and people of interest in the Northwest Corner.
Cyr, who attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, started in radio in 1992.
“I was one of the first guest actors on Joseph’s Nutmeg Junction,” Cyr said. “I eventually became a regular player. Joe has so many different projects and it was taking more and more of his time. He wants to concentrate on Nutmeg Junction.”
Cyr said that he enjoys interviewing creative people.
“I already have had authors, writers, and directors on the show,” Cyr said. “Anybody I find interesting I like to find out what they are doing. I love talking to people.”
Cyr alternates as host each week with Hall, who started his radio career in the 1980s working as a reporter for the United Nations with the Fairchild Broadcast News Service.
Hall’s career has continued in business media as an editor and a writer.
He also has a podcast on Soundcloud called “The Online Movie Show” which he has hosted for four years.
“Nutmeg Chatter is a celebration of interesting people in Connecticut,” Hall said. “We are looking for a wide diversity of people doing interesting things. Connecticut has a strange reputation of being stuck in-between New York City and Boston. Because of that, people often overlook us. But there are a lot of wonderful people doing wonderful things in Connecticut. Rich and I are bringing them to the attention of the listeners.”
Nutmeg Chatter airs on WAPJ on Sundays at 1:30 p.m. and also on WHDD on Monday nights at 7:30 p.m.
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