Weekend in Norfolk celebrates arts, culture, and community

Artists gathered at the Norfolk Artisans Guild's open house during Weekend in Norfolk on Saturday, Feb. 22.
Artists gathered at the Norfolk Artisans Guild's open house during Weekend in Norfolk on Saturday, Feb. 22.

NORFOLK — It was a town-wide celebration as the town held its third annual winter Weekend in Norfolk on Saturday, Feb. 22 and Sunday, Feb. 23.
While there are only less than 2.000 residents in the town known as “The Icebox of Connecticut,” the community is filled with culture, including artists, writers, photographers, and musicians.
Event co-organizer Sue Frisch said that the event is a celebration of both Norfolk’s culture and its community,
“Norfolk loves to show off what it has,” Frisch said. “For this event, everybody in town gets together.”
The Norfolk Library was the host for several events, including a children’s puppet show performance of “The Snow Queen,” a meeting with the Norfolk Land Trust, and a presentation on historical church steeples throughout the state.
Meanwhile, The Norfolk Curling Club held an open house, while the Battell Chapel held a tour that featured its historic stained glass windows, along with a weaving demonstration.
The Botelle School held a winter farmers market with vendors from all over the state, while The Norfolk Hub held a watercolor painting workshop.
“I think Weekend in Norfolk is a very ambitious way to get people to come out in the middle of winter and see Norfolk,” Norfolk Library Director Anne Havemeyer said. “So many different events for so many ages. Norfolk is a very charming town. We want more people to come to see us.”
“It’s a celebration of the town,” resident Wiley Wood said. “It gives people a chance to see what Norfolk is up to.”

Dawn Whalen, Executive Director of The Norfolk Foundation giving out apple cider donuts from The Berkshire Country Store.
Volunteers who helped to put together A Weekend in Norfolk. From left: Sue Frisch, Valerie Johnson, Ayreslea Denny, and Bruce Frisch.
One of the many games held at The Norfolk Curling Club held during its open house event during Weekend in Norfolk.
Puppeteer Robin McCahill entertaining children at the Norfolk Library just before the performance of “The Snow Queen.”
Sherri Johnson and Sue Williams demonstrating weaving at the Battell Chapel.
Robin Wasko and Donna Howard from Burdick Road Orchard in New Hartford, one of the many vendors at the winter Farmers Market held at the Botelle School on Saturday, Feb. 22.
A watercolor painting class held at The Norfolk Hub.
Norfolk artist John Garret Thew, one of the many artists who sold his work at the Norfolk Farmers Market.
Volunteers from Colebrook’s Camp Jewell who provided hot meals at the Norfolk Farmers Market. From left: Alex Stone, Cat Lacasse, Lisa AuClair, and Lisa Coyne.

Some of the spectacular historical stained glass windows at the Battell Chapel.
Resident Wiley Wood touring the Norfolk Historical Society with society volunteer Rosemary Gill.