Just some of the offerings at Orchard Hill Baking. Picture via the bakery's Facebook page.
Just some of the offerings at Orchard Hill Baking. Picture via the bakery's Facebook page.

RIVERTON — Orchard Hill Baking has opened shop at 1 Riverton Road in the former location of Rose’s Kitchen.
The bakery is owned by Joan Auclair who started the it after many years as a graphic designer.
“Back in 2016 I quit my graphic design job where I had been for 19 years,” Auclair said. “As I was looking for a new job, I thought about getting some stuff done that I was putting off. But instead of getting anything done, I decided to try to make some sourdough bread. I started to give my friends bread and they started to say ‘Oh! You really should sell your bread!’”
Auclair said that, at first, she ignored her friends’ compliments.
“I was like, well people are just saying that,” Auclair said. “The idea of selling bread stuck and I couldn’t get rid of it.”
For some time, Auclair was renting out a commercial kitchen in Canton, but she said the kitchen did not work out for various reasons.
“Then this space that was Rose’s Kitchen in Riverton became available,” Auclair said. “I have been renting it since August. It has taken me time to re-equip it and get the permitting process through.”
Auclair said that, since she opened shop, the bakery has become popular through word of mouth.
“I have had to double the amount of bread I’ve had to make due to my popularity and I’ll have to double it again soon, but it’s a great problem to have,” she said. “Inez left some very good karma in the place and it’s a nice and big kitchen. To me, Riverton is the friendliest place on the face of the earth. Everybody who has stopped by has been excited that I was there.”
Auclair said that, for her, being a baker is much easier than being a graphic designer.
“Graphic design is a lot more subjective and it usually takes longer to do,” Auclair said. “When it comes to cooking, I make the bread, I sell it and I’m done with it. I don’t have it hanging over my head like if I had a big graphic design project and it’s not going well.”
Auclair said that the bakery currently makes sourdough bread, along with classic and unusual treats made by hand with natural ingredients.
“I’ve been trying to bake things that you can’t necessarily get anywhere,” Auclair said. “And I try not to bake anything I don’t like. So, I’ve been making variations of sourdough loaves with different ingredients. I’ve also been baking cookies, brownies, and one layer cakes that I often bake at home. I haven’t done any chocolate yet because chocolate is everywhere and I want to make sure I do something spectacular with chocolate.”
For more information about Orchard Hill Baking text 860-307-3243 or go to the bakery’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/orchardhillbaking/