Ritz Crystal Room gone, but Remember When will go on

The outside of Remember When in Torrington. Picture from the store's website
The outside of Remember When in Torrington. Picture from the store's website

TORRINGTON — The Ritz Crystal Room restaurant, located upstairs at the Remember When Antique Store at 111 Main Street, is officially closing shop.
Owner Karen O’Donnell officially announced the closure on its Facebook page on May 19.
“Dear valued friends and customers: due to the virus terms, conditions and restrictions, we have decided to retire,” O’Donnell wrote. “There will be no more Ritz Crystal Room dinners or brunches and no cafe. All of our restaurant, bar and catering equipment is for sale. The shop Remember When with antiques, lighting repair and restorations will open by appointment to start. We would like to thank every one of you for your continued support.”
In an interview with The Winsted Phoenix, O’Donnell said that the restaurant was open for over 15 years.
“It’s a great business, but there are too many regulations right now due to Covid-19,” O’Donnell said. “The restaurant is so small, to begin with. It just wouldn’t be worth it for me to reopen. We’re going to go back to the way we were when we first started as an antique and lighting repair shop.”
O’Donnell added that she is thankful for her customers that have supported her over the years.
“We have gratitude and appreciation for the fact that we were open for this long and people were happy with us,” she said. “We’re going out with people being happy with us and that’s the best part.”

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