Colebrook General Store operator Daniel Wilcox - photo submitted
Colebrook General Store operator Daniel Wilcox - photo submitted

COLEBROOK — The Colebrook General Store, located at 559 Colebrook Road, is scheduled to reopen in June with a new operator.
The store is the longest operating general store in the state, opening in 1812.
It is also the only retail store serving Colebrook.
The store operated continuously until it was shut down in 2007.
It was purchased in 2009 by the Colebrook Preservation Society and reopened in July 2013, with Miriam Briggs as its operator.
In late 2014, Jodi Marinelli took over as the store’s operator.
She operated the store for five years until mid-May.
On Wednesday, May 27, the Colebrook Preservation Society announced that the store will reopen in June and will be operated by Daniel Wilcox.
According to a press release issued by the Society, Wilcox previously worked at Cafe 64 in Torrington where he worked in several positions, including head prep chef.
After working at Cafe 64, he enrolled at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island.
Over the past decade, he has worked as a private chef to several families, worked as a Front of the House Manager at Bacaro Restaurant in Providence, RI, and at one point worked part-time at a Starbucks Cafe.
“I plan to build on what Jodi created and to steadily add new featured items such as homemade ice creams and take-out hot meals,” Wilcox was quoted as saying in the press release. “They’ll be based on recipes passed down through my family and perfected through my years of professional cooking. We plan lots of store-made baked goods, a full menu of burgers and hot dogs, and a robust selection of pizzas. I also plan to provide a showcase area for local artisans to display their goods for sale.”
“We conducted an extensive search and we are delighted Daniel is becoming the store’s new operator,” Society President Ed Lord was quoted as saying in the press release. “He has experience, energy, and a lot of very interesting and sensible ideas for maintaining and expanding on the store’s tone and the popularity it achieved with Jodi Marinelli at the helm over the past five years. We are sorry to see Jodi move one, but we are thrilled to have Daniel on board to carry the torch.”
The store will be reopened in June. A full Winsted Phoenix interview with Wilcox will be published online in the next few days
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