City Views June/late July

Jacque started in music the same way many young people participate in music. Singing in his elementary school’s glee clubs and choir allowed Jacque to delve deep into both producing and performing music. He also played trumpet in his jr. high school's band. This interest continued through elementary school all the way to high school and eventually into college. He is the director of the Singer / Songwriter Network of Torrington. This music organization provides support activities, programs and resources for original artists performing original music. Jacque is also an on air personality with local community radio station WAPJ. Jacque’s show entitled, “the Feel Good Show,” airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM until Noon at 89.9 and 105.1 FM with a live stream in stereo at WAPJ.ORG.
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