New Hartford town sign, from The New Hartford Facebook Page.
New Hartford town sign, from The New Hartford Facebook Page.

NEW HARTFORD — At the Board of Selectmen’s on Tuesday, July 28, First Selectman Daniel Jerram said that a senior housing development may be coming to town.
However, Jerram was not forthcoming with details despite multiple requests by Selectman David Rosengren.
During the meeting, Jerram was going over economic development projects and potential future projects.
“Not that I want to engage in public discussion about specifics, but we have had inquiries for a second brewery in town, a new large gas station, and a senior housing development,” Jerram said. “We have been working on the senior housing development for a while here and we are very hopeful on that front.”
“Can you give us details on the senior housing development?” Rosengren asked.
“I can tell you, but then we would have to take everybody out of the meeting,” Jerram told Rosengren. “I don’t want to divulge the identity of the location of the developer yet. We are doing some work on the Route 44 corridor. I will not reveal the identity of the developer while he is working in negotiations. It’s conceptual at this time and it is not prepped for a zoning review yet.”
“I am just asking for a location,” Rosengren said.
“And that is what I am not going to tell you,” Jerram said.
Later on in the meeting, Jerram said he was reluctant to have a new gas station in town.
“To me, home runs in the development business in the commercial corridor are ones that don’t directly compete with other existing users,” Jerram said. “We have two retail gas stations and convenience stores on Route 44. To have a third would be a little bit much.
This would be a national chain with about 2,400 units that would probably apply severe economic hardship to our two local partners. It might also compete with our grocery store if they wanted 5,000 to 6,000 square feet of retail. The modern gas stations in larger markets are now doing all kinds of concessions, including grocery stores and liquor stores, right in the convenience stores. You can get produce or anything, including fast food. It’s a different world. You see a lot of them in Connecticut because you don’t have the larger sites in the state. But they are coming.
Someday we will have to deal with that. I don’t think it’s the right thing now, personally. Of course, should they choose to move forward through, they are entitled to take their chances with the Planning and Zoning Commission. But there would be zoning obstacles there.”