Scenes from Weekend in Norfolk videos
Scenes from Weekend in Norfolk videos

NORFOLK — Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the fifth annual Weekend in Norfolk carried on Friday, July 31, Saturday, Aug. 1, and Sunday, Aug. 2 in a virtual setting.
Over the past five years, hundreds of people have descended upon Norfolk for live music, art shows, tours of historic buildings, and to see what the town of 1,632 has to offer.
However, this year due to the pandemic, all of the events has all been moved online.
Viewers can sample music, tours of Norfolk art studios, farms, and live events by going to
At the website are videos of performances from the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival, a Stained glass window tour of Battell Chapel, a virtual hike on the Norfolk Land Trust trail, along with other tours and activities.
There are also links on the page to live events that will be held during the weekend.
Event co-organizer Sue Frisch said that holding the annual event virtually was a new experience for everyone involved.
“When you have to use technology it limits the number of people who can help out,” Frisch said. “Luckily, we had three great people in Norfolk who all helped out with filming and video editing: John DeShazo, Elias Olsen, and Ann DeCerbo. Also, a few of the organizers managed to do their videos, which is great.”
“At first, holding the event virtually was something it took just a little while to wrap our minds around,” co-organizer Tom McGowan said. “Eventually, our committee took a vote and everyone decided to go virtual rather than not having it at all. Norfolk offers so many things, whether it is food, music, art, sports, recreation, historic homes, just all kinds of phenomenal things.”
While Frisch said that the virtual event is a success, she said that she misses the people that came to the in-person Weekend in Norfolk that was held over the years.
“It was nice to see friendly faces arrive in town,” Frisch said. “But this way we can reach a wider audience or anybody, anywhere in the world.”
Frisch added that there were 30 participants in this year’s event and that many of the videos on the event’s page will remain online for the foreseeable future.
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