Local artist compiles drawings about pandemic life into new book

Art by Gay Schempp
Art by Gay Schempp

WINSTED — Starting in March when the COVID-19 pandemic started, local artist Gay Schempp started to draw her observations of what has become the new normal for the world.
Those drawings are now compiled into a book “Quarantine 2020: Through a Crow’s Eye.”
Schempp has a studio at the Whiting Mills artist studio’s building, but when the quarantine hit in March she could not get to it.
“When the lock down and stay at home order happened, Whiting Mills closed immediately,” Schempp said to The Winsted Phoenix. “So I transitioned from a 900 square foot studio filled with all kinds of supplies and visual resources to my kitchen table. At my kitchen table, I had some pads and some pens. I was frustrated with the political and national news, and of course, the whole pandemic is scary enough. I felt that what I want to do is that I am going to anchor my days be committing to a drawing every day, observing what I am feeling and just document it.”
Schempp created drawings daily for several months, using crows in place of people.
The crows are engaged in activities that humans are currently undertaking, including having meetings through Zoom, wearing masks, or attending protests.
“I never wanted to draw political cartoons, but at the end of the day I couldn’t help myself,” Schempp said. “What else can you say but America is on fire!”
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All art by Gay Schemmp