Photo via Infinity Hall's Facebook page
Photo via Infinity Hall's Facebook page

NORFOLK — When the COVID-19 pandemic first started back in March, GoodWorks Entertainment CEO Tyler Grill felt the same way as many others did.
“I was blown away,” Grill said in an interview with The Winsted Phoenix. “I didn’t know how to deal with it. All of a sudden you have this disease from another country coming in here and for the first time in any of our lives the whole world is getting shut down. I was taken back by it. It was hard to swallow and I was like, is this real? Is this a joke or am I sleeping? Is this a dream?”
GoodWorks Entertainment owns Infinity Hall and Bistro on 20 Greenwoods Rd, which opened in 2007.
It also owns Infinity Hall in Hartford which also had to close at the start of the pandemic.
Unfortunately, just like many other concert venues and restaurants all over the world, Infinity closed up in March.
For 13 years, the 300 seat Infinity Hall attracted musicians from all around the world to Norfolk, and the bistro served up fine dining, with the location attracting hundreds of people every week.
Grill said that since its closing the company has had to lay off 40 employees.
“If there is no show to produce, then there’s no business,” Grill said. “None of those people are working because there’s no show.”
Grill said he does not know for sure how much money the company has lost due to the pandemic.
“It’s very complicated,” he said. “It’s all about dealing with your creditors. It’s how you settle your accounts and how you pay them.”
Despite the challenges of staying closed, Grill vows that Infinity Hall and Bistro will reopen again and insists that it is in no danger of closing for good.
“The bottom line right now is that we haven’t been given any information from [Gov. Ned Lamont (D)],” Grill said. “If you look back at interviews with Governor Lamont, he was indicating that Phase Three of reopening the state would start in mid-July.”
Phase Three of the state’s reopening plans would have allowed indoor event spaces and venues, along with bars, to reopen.
However, Gov. Lamont put Phase Three on hold since July and he has not announced when Phase Three will be implemented.
“We’re just sitting here waiting for Gov. Lamont’s go-ahead to open in whatever capacity that we can,” Grill said. “Right now, we’re not allowed to be open at all. We can’t wait to re-open and we are excited to re-open. Right now we are programming for 2021 as if we will be reopening in January. We’re hoping to be open sooner than that. The second we are given the go-ahead to reopen, we will be reopening.”
When asked about what he missed about the venues, Grill said “everything.”
“The thing I miss the most is the people,” Grill said. “I’ve been in the concert and venue industry for 17 years. I based my entire life around bringing people together. I never had a job in any other industry besides live music. Hearing the people clap and applaud, sitting people eat dinner together. People have gotten engaged in our venues, married in our venues, they met their best friends in their venues. Those are the things that I miss the most. I miss them and we can’t wait to be back.”
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