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WINSTED — While other town boards and commissions are streaming their meetings live on the town’s Youtube page, the Board of Education has apparently ceased the video recording of all meetings.
In an email to Superintendent of Schools Melony Brady-Shanley on Oct.14, The Winsted Phoenix requested the video recording of the board’s regular meeting on Oct. 13.
In response, Brady-Shanley wrote that the meeting was not recorded in audio or video.
“We are conducting in-person meetings,” Brady-Shanley wrote. “Minutes will be available in the next couple of days.”
As a public service, The Winsted Phoenix is listing a copy of the meeting minutes, along with a PDF copy of the informational packet provided to board members at the meeting. The next regular Board of Education meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m.
While the location of the meeting is unlisted on the school district’s website, meetings are typically held at Town Hall.

BOE members informational packet:


Meeting minutes via school district’s website:

Winchester Board of Education
Type of Meeting: Regular BOE Meeting MinutesDate: October 13, 2020 @ 7:00 p.m.
Location: Town Hall – Blue Room – In Person
Meeting Facilitator: Melony Brady-Shanley, Superintendent
Nora Mocarski, BOE Secretary
Members: Nora Mocarski, Kristin Peterson, Richard Dutton, Alexandria Propfe, Cheryl McGlynn, Michelle Hintz, Shana DeVaux, and Tara Sundie
Call to order @ 7:01pm

Pledge of Allegiance
Roll call:
BOE Present: Tara Sundie, Nora Mocarski, BOE Secretary, Richard Dutton, Cheryl McGlynn, Kristin Peterson, Alexandria Propfe, and Tara Sundie

BOE Absent: Doug Pfenninger, BOE Chair – excused, Michelle Hintz – excused, Shana DeVaux – unexcused

Central Office: Superintendent Melony Brady-Shanley, Nancy O’Dea-Wyrick, Director of Finance, Seamus Cullinan, Director of Student Services

Administration: R. Fields, Principal Batcheller School, B. Silverio, Pearson School

Agenda Review Discussion Possible Action:
MOTION to move presentation of Social-Emotional Supports – DESSA Screening and Relationship Mapping to be presented by School Psychologist Cassandra Murphy to the next BOE meeting in November.
First: C. McGlynn, Second: K. Peterson → U.
Regular Board of Education Agenda: October 13, 2020
Comments from the Chairman:

Public Hearing:
Five minutes allotted to each speaker per Board Policy #9325 No BOE employee, student, or community member should be defamed within a public comment.

Consent Agenda Items Discussion Possible Action:

          MOTION to accept all minutes
          First:  C. McGlynn, Second: R. Dutton  → U.

Correspondence to the Board:

Superintendent’s Reports & Action Items Discussion Possible Action:
a) Superintendent’s Report
b) School Enrollment
c) Chronic Absences
d) Gilbert Enrollment
e) Monthly Budget Summary
● FY2020
● FY2021
Board Action Items:
a) New Hires
MOTION to accept new hires as presented
First: K. Peterson, Second: T. Sundie → U.
b) Alliance Districts’ School Buildings Grant Program Application – $477,600
MOTION to approve
First: R. Dutton, Second: T. Sundie → U.
c) TEVAL Temporary Waiver 2020-2021
d) Approval to apply for the following grants:
● Coronavirus Relief Fund – $152,255
● Title I – $214,960
● Title II – $32,601
● Title III – $4,797
MOTION for approval to apply for all grants
First: C. McGlynn, Second: R. Dutton → U.
New Business Discussion and Possible Action:
a) Policies – Second Read
1) #4115.01(a) Evaluation and Support Program
MOTION to approve
First: C. McGlynn, Second: K. Peterson → U.
2) #4118.238(a) Self-Quarantine Policy / Regional Travel Advisory
MOTION to approve
First: K. Peterson, Second: C. McGlynn → U.
3) #4118.237(a) Face Masks/Coverings
MOTION to approve
First: R. Dutton, Second: K. Peterson→ U.
4) #5145.44(a) Certified/Non-Certified/Students Title IX
MOTION to approve
First: C. McGlynn, Second: K. Peterson→ U.
5) #4152.61(a) Family and Medical Leave Act
MOTION to approve
First: C. McGlynn, Second: T. Sundie→ U.
MOTION to reconsider motion to approve
First: C. McGlynn, Second: T. Sundie→ Aye: 5 – Nay: 0 – Abstain: 1
MOTION to refer to Policy Committee
First: C. McGlynn, Second: T. Sundie→ Aye: 5 – Nay: 0 – Abstain: 1
6) #6114.82(a) Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness
MOTION to approve
First: N. Mocarski, Second: C. McGlynn→ U.
b) Policies – First Read
1) #5111(a) Admissions
Spelling error to heading on pp 99, 100, 102

Executive Session:
a) Discussion of upcoming Gilbert School Corp and WPS negotiations
Melony Brady-Shanley, Superintendent, invited into Session
MOTION to enter into Executive Session at 8:21 pm
First: C. McGlynn, Second: K. Peterson → U.
MOTION to leave Executive Session at 8:45 pm
First: C. McGlynn, Second: K. Peterson → U.
MOTION to adjourn at 8:45 pm
First: T. Sundie, Second: C. McGlynn → U.
Submitted by T. Sundie, BOE