522 Main Street in Winsted, the future location of 2nd Home Lounge.
522 Main Street in Winsted, the future location of 2nd Home Lounge.

WINSTED — The Planning and Zoning Commission has set a public hearing for Monday, Dec. 14 at 7 p.m. for a special exception permit application to have live music at 522 Main Street.
The location is set to be 2nd Home, which co-owner Cheryl McGlynn said will be a lounge once it opens.
“We will be offering light eats, along with local beers and wines,” McGlynn said in an interview to The Winsted Phoenix. “Instead of having regular bar tables, we will have lounge-type couches and comfortable chairs. It will be like a living room kind of thing.”
McGlynn is the co-owner of 2nd Home, along with her husband Sean McGlynn, who said that the location is currently being extensively renovated.
“The place was in bad shape when we got it,” Sean McGlynn said. “We had to repair certain areas, and some areas we had totally gut. But the renovation is coming along well. We are currently working on flooring and plumbing.”
Many businesses have come and gone at the location over the years, including an Italian social club, a deli, and a hairdresser.
As for the special use permit, Cheryl McGlynn said that any live performances will include one to two performers.
“This will be a very small and cozy place, we won’t be able to accommodate anything bigger than that,” Cheryl McGlynn said.
Due to the continuing COVID pandemic, Sean McGlynn said either April or May.
“It’s a small place, and if there are any COVID restrictions when it comes to occupancy, we just wouldn’t be able to sustain the business,” McGlynn said. “We’re looking forward to serving the community and giving them another option.”
Due to COVID restrictions, all municipal public meetings are being held virtually on Zoom.
For information on how to participate in the meeting contact the town’s Land Use Office at 860-738-6593.