Norfolk resident files lawsuit against Health Center and Foundation over alleged ice incident

The Winsted Health Center, from Winsted Health Center's Facebook page
The Winsted Health Center, from Winsted Health Center's Facebook page

NORTHWEST CORNER — A Norfolk resident has filed a lawsuit against the Winsted Health Center and The Winsted Health Center Foundation over an injury he alleges was due to slipping on ice at the center’s property on 115 Spencer Street.
According to the state’s court database, the lawsuit was filed by Norfolk resident Glenn Tillotson on October 27 at the Judicial District of Litchfield in Torrington.
Tillotson is being represented by Attorney Kenneth Paskowitz of the Paskowitz Law Firm in Hartford.
The filed complaint lists that the alleged incident took place on February 4, 2019.
In the complaint, Paskowitz wrote that Tillotson “had exited the above back premises and was walking down the stairs, when suddenly and without warning, he slipped on ice at the bottom of the stairs, as he stepped onto the blacktop walkway, sustaining the serious personal injuries and losses…”
Paskowitz alleges that the location where Tillotson fell was “in a dangerous and highly defective condition, which conditions had existed for such a period of time prior to [Tillotson’s] fall.”
Paskowitz also alleges that “snow and ice were allowed to accumulate on the stairs and walkway.”
“As a result of the negligence and carelessness of the defendants, [Tillotson] suffered serious injuries to various parts of his body, including the following: right ankle lateral malleolar
fracture with mild displacement, and a severe shock to his nervous system,” Paskowitz wrote in the complaint. “All of the said injuries have caused the Plaintiff severe pain and mental anguish and distress of mind, and deprived the Plaintiff of the ability to enjoy the full spectrum of life’s activities, and some or all of said injuries or the effects thereof are, or are likely to be permanent in nature.”
According to the complaint, Paskowitz is seeking at least $15,000 in damages.
As of Friday, Dec. 4, there are no scheduled court dates listed for the case.

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