Barkhamsted transfer station temporarily shut down due to grenade, bullets

Photo from the RRD1 website.
Photo from the RRD1 website.

BARKHAMSTED — The Regional Refuse Disposal District #1 transfer station was temporarily closed on Saturday, Dec. 26 when it was discovered that someone attempted to dispose of three large bullets and a grenade.
According to transfer station administrator Debbie Angell, the grenade and bullets were discovered in a metal hopper next to the tag sale building by an employee.
Angell said that, after the discovery, the transfer station was immediately closed and evacuated.
The state police were called in, who in turn called a bomb squad from Middletown.
“The bomb squad was there relatively quickly and cleared the facility of any danger,” Angell said. “An X-ray was completed on the grenade and it was discovered to be empty, with a bottom welded on.”
The bullets were also discovered to be empty.
“We did not want to take any chances,” Angell said. “There was no danger, but we were not positive.”
Angell said that ammunition of any kind is not allowed to be disposed of at the transfer station.
She said that security cameras at the station will be reviewed to determine who disposed of the grenade and bullets.
Angell added that the transfer station will reopen as normal on Monday, Dec. 28.
“We always stress safety first!” Angell added. “If you see something, say something.”