Diana Cesaro, owner of Diana By Design. Photo submitted.
Diana Cesaro, owner of Diana By Design. Photo submitted.

WINSTED — Turning heads while being green is the mantra for Diana Cesaro and her Diana By Design clothing company.
Cesaro just recently opened a studio at The Whiting Mills Artist Studios building at 100 Whiting Street.
Cesaro was raised in Torrington and spent summers at Highland Lake when she was young.
For the past 28 years, she has been a resident of Avon, where she was working out of her house for nearly a decade repurposing old clothing into high fashion.
“I started just taking old clothes to make something new,” Cesaro said in an interview with The Winsted Phoenix. “I had a lot of sweaters that didn’t fit me anymore. I saw a collage artist working with fabrics and I thought that maybe I can take this to a new level, maybe even stop some of the waste going into our landfills.”
Cesaro said that she has also been inspired by FABSCRAP in New York City, a nonprofit organization that she used to volunteer with.
“In New York, they created a law that prevents big design houses from dumping into landfills,” Cesaro said. “At FABSCRAP, you volunteer for three hours and sort discarded fabrics for the organization. For your volunteer time, they let you have five pounds of fabric to take home. I found that it is such a neat thing to repurpose fabrics.”
Cesaro said that recycling fabrics and used clothing into new fashions are part of the upcycling movement.
“There is a lot of wasted fabric out there, and it’s fun to prevent the waste and instead create unique clothing,” she said. “It’s a movement to repurpose what we have and give it a second life,”
Cesaro said that she chose to open a studio at Whiting Mills because she outgrew her studio at home.
“I went on a tour of the building and I like the vibes here,” she said. “It’s a great and beautiful space with different artisans.”
Denim jackets, sweaters, denim skirts, fingerless mittens, wine sleeves, and pillows are just some of her many creations.
“It’s great to be environmentally conscious because it is important in a world of disposable everything,” Cesaro said.
Due to the Covid pandemic, Cesaro’s studio is currently open by appointment only.
For more information about Diana By Design, go to her website at diana-by-design.com or her Facebook page at facebook.com/dianabydesignwears