Rich Cyr - photo via Cyr's Facebook page.
Rich Cyr - photo via Cyr's Facebook page.

He has been a disc jockey, a podcast host, a stand up comedian, a member of the cast of the WAPJ radio show “Nutmeg Junction,” and even a heavy metal singer.
Now Rich Cyr is a horror author with his new book “Confessions of a Frenetic Mind: 5 Tales of Blood Curdling Terror.”
Cyr is a resident of Wolcott and said that, to him, there is a thin line between the horror genre and comedy.
“What most people do after they scream? They laugh,” Cyr said in an interview with The Winsted Phoenix. “I think that people who enjoy comedy also enjoy horror, and they also enjoy a good story with lots of twists and turns. Horror and comedy should not be mutually exclusive. They are two of my favorite things. I love making people laugh and with writing, I love scaring people. It’s a perfect fit.”
Cyr said that he has had a love of the horror genre since he was young when he watched horror movies including “Jaws” and the original “Friday the 13th.”
“To me, a good horror story is about having characters that you care about,” Cyr said. “I care less about gore and blood. I like a story where I care if somebody dies and why they die. To me, a good story is when I care about a character and why it happens instead of ‘well, ok. Let me kill about 12 teenagers. Despite not being able to tell one from the other.’ To me, it’s all about character development.”
The book includes five short horror stories that he compares to stories from the television series “Night Gallery” and “Twilight Zone.”
The first story, “Robin’s Revenge,” is about what Cyr calls “all-American high school sweethearts” whose lives change when the husband brings home a “printer” that draws portraits
“The ‘printer’ starts making portraits of the person who is using the machine,” Cyr said. “It starts controlling the emotions of that person. It’s about technology taking over people.”
Then there is “Can’t Catch a Brake” about “a young man messing with the wrong person.”
“Taking Care of Business” is about a couple who bring home a miniature coffin with a fake corpse inside.
“There’s some magic to that coffin where things come to life,” Cyr said. “But it’s not always a nice thing. Some things are not supposed to be alive.”
“Lincoln House Massacre” is about two boys going on a ‘paranormal tour’ of the ‘Lincoln House.’
“They go to the house making fun of it and thinking they are safe, but they find out that there is something in that house,” he said. “And it turns out the boys brought that something back home with them.”
Finally, “The Dark Secret” is about, as Cyr describes it “a car accident, a murder, and someone getting revenge on that murder.”
“You never know who it is and why they are coming to a small town and exacting revenge,” Cyr said. “It has traces of more horror genre elements than the other stories.”
Cyr will be giving a virtual author talk sponsored by the Morris Public Library on Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 7 p.m.
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