Via the Norfolk Artisans Guild Facebook page.
Via the Norfolk Artisans Guild Facebook page.

NORFOLK — The Norfolk Artisans Guild store will be reopening under new ownership On Saturday, Feb. 13.
The Guild operated for 27 years under the ownership of Vee Kausel and Kathy Williams.
It shut down last December due to slow business during the pandemic.
The store will reopen under the ownership of husband and wife Sean and Lynn Sweeney.
The couple moved to Norfolk a year-and-a-half ago from New Paltz, New York.
“We love it here in Norfolk, and everyone here makes us feel like we’re at home,” Lynn Sweeney said to The Winsted Phoenix. “The people here are very warm and friendly.”
“When we first moved here to Norfolk, The Guild was one of the first places we were drawn to,” Sean Sweeney said. “When we first heard they were closing, we just kind of accepted it because a lot of businesses have been closing. We didn’t realize that they were looking for someone else to take it over. One morning I and Lynn were talking it over and I decided that this is what I’ll be doing in my retirement.”
Sean Sweeney was previously a school teacher for 30 years, but he is also an artist who creates paintings and ceramic sculptures.
“We both liked that this is a place for everyone to sell their wares,” Sean Sweeney said. “Everything that was sold at the Guild was either handmade or hand-produced. It was one of those places that had a really good feel to it.”
“It was a great place where you could find one of a kind items,” Lynn Sweeney said. “It just had so many different things that you couldn’t find anyplace else.”
Both Sean and Lynn Sweeney said that the new Guild would offer many of the previous selections as before, including handmade jewelry, hand-dyed yarns, children’s clothing, greeting cards, paintings, sculptures, wooden ware, and seasonal decorations.
The store will also remain in the historic 3 Station Place building.
However, Sean and Lynn Sweeney said that the new Guild would be opening two doors down from its original space in the same building.
“The new space is much larger and open,” Lynn Sweeney said. “There is also a basement in the location that we will hopefully soon open as a classroom.”
The couple said that they would also be adding a cafe to the Guild shortly.
There will also now be a membership fee for artists interested in taking out space in the store: $125 for full membership and $75 for partial membership.
“The difference in the membership levels is the amount of space you get in the store,” Sean Sweeney said. “For full membership, you will have both wall and table space. With a partial membership, you will get two baskets on a table or a small display.”
“With this membership program, we will be able to create a group of artists who we hope will be able to meet together once in a while to discuss their work,” Lynn Sweeney said. “We want to create an environment where artists all feel like they are all part of something.”
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