Call to action for aspiring astronomers and space enthusiasts


Hello, my name is Lucianna Kyrie Lamouruex. I am one of the MANY advocates reaching for the stars and diving into the galaxy we live in every day. From the Sun to Ceres, -and even beyond- we are here to spread awareness for the importance of space exploration and our planet’s preservation. My small group and I will be advocating this year(over Zoom) on March 31st and the following year physically in Washington DC in front of Congress. The advocating is for Planetary Science and anything to do with it. We want to show just how important these sciences are to the technological advancement and preservation of our planet!
We are looking for younger, curious, and diligent minds to help us advocate, raise money, and spread awareness not just in our home state, but all over the US to donate to the P.S. (Planetary Society). The point of us doing this as a group, is to help us not only get to DC to advocate but to prove to Congress that our generation means business. Are we going to let them think for one second our generation does not care about these things and where we are headed? Are we going to let them assume that because we are either labeled Gen Z or a Millennial that our place in space does not matter to us, while the UAE and other countries are climbing to great heights to educate THEIR youth to move forward? No. Now we will not!

For me, I decided this is what I wanted and needed to do because I love my home planet. There is no planet B, this is it, our home. As far as we know, there is no other planet quite like our own and I want to see many cleaner, healthier changes take place. The more we know about another planet and how it became the way it is, the better we can help and save our own. “For me, I’m very much about wanting to preserve as many species of plants and animals alive and well, including other life we may find on other planets,” my CEO James Ryan said to me this morning and I couldn’t agree more. Vice President Drew Nedley, also agrees and has helped me come up with the name of our organization. The three of us together are going to be a great team and I cannot wait to acquire more members to advocate with, no matter the age!

It’s time to become part of the bigger picture and prove our place in space and within our community. Preservation of our planet and space exploration has never been of more importance than it is now. Our generations can be the ones to make these changes and make way for a happier, cleaner, well-educated country and planet. Join us today to help us start our mission! Become a member of The Tree of Stars: A Planetary Regeneration Project.

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Lucianna Kyrie Lamouruex is an amateur astronomer from the town of Winsted, Connecticut. She is a mother, baker and artist who studies astrobiology in her spare time, and advocates heavily for the Planetary Society to educate the general public.