Screenshot from the first Moosecast Podcast at Northwestern Connecticut Community College.
Screenshot from the first Moosecast Podcast at Northwestern Connecticut Community College.

WINSTED — Students at Northwestern Connecticut Community College (NCCC) have come together to create The Moosecast Podcast.
The weekly podcast is a way for students to come together and discuss both serious and fun topics, including current events that are going on in the world.
The topics of the first episode included Black History Month, race relations in America, and a fun discussion on useful and not so useful potential superpowers.
“This is a way for students to discuss important issues or just create a space for each other to talk about anything,” student and participant Katrina Heffley said in an interview with the Winsted Phoenix. “We all take turns when it comes to hosting. There are so many things that are not just impacting older people, it’s affecting younger people too. With this podcast, we can have a voice.”
“I think that this podcast is an awesome way for the students to get their voices out there to connect with others because there are no campus visitation or campus classes right now,” student and podcast participant Renee Restivo said. “We’re all very spread apart right now.”
Restivo is, of course, pointing out the fact that almost all of the physical NCCC campus has been closed since the Covid pandemic one year ago.
However, Restivo added that students still meet together for online Zoom meetings for the Student Senate, Students of Color Alliance, Book Club, and other groups.
But as student Kaylee Naumowicz said, the podcast is a good way to get out the voice of the students to the outside world on a new platform.
“The student’s voice needs to get out there,” Naumowicz said. “I think everybody has something important to say, no matter how they are.”
“I think that there are issues that need to be tackled and addressed,” Restivo said. “If the younger generation has to be the one to address these issues, the older generation has to listen, and it’s time for them to take their seat and open their ears. Because these things are real.”
“If you are interested, you are interested,” Naumowicz said. “If you are not, don’t listen.”
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