Photo by Amy Grosclaude.
Photo by Amy Grosclaude.

Amy Grosclaude is an artist based in the Northwest corner of Connecticut where she resides with her husband and children. Grosclaude works in a unique photography form that captures transmitted electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 750-380 nanometers. In collaboration with Still Art in Motion, she has performed many jobs including location scout, props manager, stylist, model as well as video and studio assistant.

Where are you from originally? 

I am originally from Litchfield.

How did you get into art? 

I believe I was born an artist. I have always seen the world around me a bit differently and appreciate the small moments we are given.

How do you describe your style? 

I’m an abstract photographer who captures the mysterious world of light and color.

Can you tell me about new projects you’re working on? 

A few years ago I was asked to start an art group. Our group’s name is Imogen. We have had several shows in the past. But since we have had unusual events in our world, many things have stopped.

I was recently asked to have a Virtual show at 550 Gallery and Studios in Bethlehem CT. We had a small, intimate, traditional opening for the exhibit, “Wish You Were Here.” During the opening, we had a videographer, Anthony Videira who captured unique moments of the show. Anthony made several videos for us to share on social media. These videos are on Facebook and Instagram.

Imogen consists of five photographers with different approaches to photography. Micheala Murphy works in Large Format, Black and White, and traditional darkroom processing. Lindia Jackson is a published author whose art is about nature and her travels from Russia to our National Parks. Debra Lill has created images for best-selling books around the world. Jim Baker captures images taken close to home and far away places. 

Are there any upcoming shows where we can see your work? 

The great news is 550 Gallery and Studios will be open to the public for the “Wish You Were Here” exhibit May 22-23 and May 29-30 from 11 am to 5pm. 550 Main St South, Bethlehem CT, 06751.

For more information, see Amy’s site:

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