Soldiers' Monument on Crown Street in Winsted.
Soldiers' Monument on Crown Street in Winsted.

WINSTED — During their meeting on Monday, May 17, the Board of Selectman approved a bid waiver request to replace and install 18 windows at Soldiers’ Monument on Crown Street.
The selectman approved work to be conducted by Winsted company Sullivan’s Glass to replace the second and third-floor windows on the historic monument for $122,051.
The bid waiver was requested by Purchasing Director Mark Douglass and Selectman Jack Bourque, who is also the chairman of the Soldiers’ Monument Commission.
The 44-foot tall structure, which is the second-highest monument in the state, was dedicated in 1890 and built as a tribute to over 300 Winsted area soldiers who served in the Civil War.
The monument has gone through several renovations through the years.
In 2016, the town moved forward with a project to fix rainwater leaking from the monument’s roof and parts of the building.
In an interview with The Winsted Phoenix before the May 17 meeting, Bourque said that last year the commission replaced the three windows on the first floor “to see what it would look like” if the other windows throughout the monument were replaced.
“The commission previously hoped to have this project completed by July, but right now we’re focusing on it to be completed by September,” Bourque said. “The windows that were previously on the monument could not be opened. Through time, we discovered that the more air that goes into the structure, the better off it is. With the air closed off due to the windows, we found that the inside cement of the monument did not get the cooling and airing that it was originally intended to have.”
Bourque said that the new windows, once installed, will be able to be opened and will have screens on them.
“We will be able to leave the windows open during the spring, summer, and fall seasons to allow enough air inside the structure to make sure it gets the kind of ventilation a concrete structure should have,” he said. “We don’t know when the previous windows were installed, but it closed off some of the air in the structure for quite some time.”