In recent months, the Department of Public Works has identified over one hundred Hazard Trees.  These types of trees are considered already dead or actively dying trees.  It has been determined that these Hazard Trees are in need of complete removal or a pruning of dead branches.

Distinctive Gardens & Tree Care, LLC has been contracted to undertake this work and are slated to begin the prunings and removals on Tuesday,  July 6, 2021.   The Town’s Hazard Tree Project is expected to last two months.   Multiple crews will be in town working on different roads during this project.   Please be advised that occasional road closures are likely and will be communicated through the Town’s website and social media.

Among the streets to be included in the first phas of tree pruning and/or removal are the following: 

  • South Road
  • Mountain Road
  • Peck Road
  • Taylor Brook Road
  • Platt Hill Road
  • Laurel Way
  • Rugg Brook Road
  • Danbury Quarter Road
  • Grantville Road

Please note that other roads will be added as funds allow.

As is common practice, some logs may be left on the side of the road to allow the public to access for firewood.   After about thirty (30) days, the contractor will retrieve and remove the remaining wood.  

Please note that questions may be directed to the Tree Warden by phone at (860) 379-4070.  Additionally, please be advised that appeals on selected trees for pruning or removal may be emailed to Department of Public Works Director Jim Rollins at

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