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NORTHWEST CORNER — The Greenwoods Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce the awarding of its 2021 scholarships to 93 area students, totaling $ 131,850 .00.   In addition to these awards, the Foundation presented grants totaling $19,500 dollars  to the Northwestern Connecticut Community College Allied Health Program, the NCCC Work Force Development program, and to the colleges Credited Nurses program. The awards total for this year was $151,350. 

The non-profit foundation, which manages funds from individuals and corporate donations in northwest Connecticut, provides eligible students with financial support as they pursue their college careers.

Students are eligible for scholarships if they are residents of Barkhamsted, Colebrook, Hartland, East Hartland, New Hartford, Norfolk, Winsted, or Winchester. Students may be current seniors or alumni of area schools or students at Northwest Connecticut Community College.Scholarship awards were presented to the following recipients:
Greenwoods Scholarship Foundation list of 2020 scholarship recipients

Auxiliary for Community Health Scholarship

Max Barton,  Madeline Boutot,  Caroline Crone,  Deanna Delacruz, Megan Fecteau, Annette Giantonio, Megan Madison Harwood,  Jennifer Iacino, Sydney Koloski, Karoline Morton, Miranda Tranquillo

Franklyn & Gertrude Bancroft Memorial Scholarship

Angelina Delacruz

Barkhamsted Lions Club: Lattizori Family Scholarship

Celia Melanson

Barkhamsted Lions Club: Brooks/Gowen Memorial Scholarship

Abigail Harwood

Holly Mongeau Bodycoat Memorial Scholarship

Kyle Barton, Max Barton

Franklin & Harriet Bouteiller Memorial Scholarship

Alex Beauchene, Micchaelbobinski, Jacob Brodnitzki, Janessa Green, Matthew Henrickson, Kevin Kinsley, Kaylie Langer, Celia Melanson, Joshua Roy, Conneeeeor Spencer,, Abigal Tullock

Tony Cimmino Memorial Scholarship

Jack Lavoie

Shirley Reed Coffin Memorial Scholarship

Kendra Link

 Milton & Marjorie Dolinsky Memorial Scholarship

Miranda Bossi,  Caycie Carrozzo,  Hannah Crowley,  Mason Goodell, Lena Neri

James L & Shirley A Draper Scholarship

Ava Blanchard, Miranda Bossi, Eliana Bouchard, Justin Bourgoin, Brianna Boyajian, Caycie Carrozzo, Eleanor Crone, Dylan Crowley, Hannah Crowley, Skylar DiMartino, Jackson DiMartino, Rebecca Dowling, Robert EselbyIII, Madison Fritch, Caroline Germond, Caleb Goodell, Mason Goodell, Teryn Goulet, Theodore Gregor, Christina Gubetta, Brianna Hamel, Abigal Jabs, Isabella Jacobs, Anna King, Samuel King, Zachary Kirsch, John Lewis, Kendra Link, Jack Lavoie, Matthew Maltby, Taylor Marchand, Jacob Marchand, Connor Marchand, Maryellen Marino, Mallory McCarthy, Cody Millard, Natalie Munson, Mackenzie Muzzulin, Lena Neri, Stephanie Nonamaker, Augustus Pac, Mason Pagano, Madison Perry, Christopher Persechino, Rylee Phelps, Alyson Richard, Paige Steeves, Megan Strzepa, Timothy Strzepa, Anna Sypniewski, Jillian Wexler, Elizabeth Wexler, Abigal Whalen, Emily Whalen

Rose Dyson Memorial Scholarship

Rebecca Dowling

East Coast Lightning Equipment Scholarship

Rebecca Dowling

Rosemary Farnsworth Scholarship

Eleanor Crone

Devin S. Gilbert Memorial Scholarship

Abigal Harwood

Barbara Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship

Zachary Kirsch

Walter Landgraf Memorial Scholarship

Theodore Gregor

Lavieri Memorial Scholarship

Caleb Goodell

 Carmine R & Dorothy D Lavieri Scholarship

Theodore Gregor

Donald R Lovley Memorial Scholarship

Madison Perry

Cheryl Monyak Memorial Scholarship

Jack Lavoie

New Hartford Business Council Scholarship

Jessica Lavoie, Erin Sullivan

Northwest Community Bank

Conor Bailey

NW Regional Class of 1974 Memorial Scholarship

Reagan Payne

NW Regional Class of 1979

Natalie Munson

Roberta Ohotnicky Memorial Scholarship

Abigal Jabs

Andrew & Doris Paluba/Ginger Jefferis Memorial Scholarship

Teryn Goulet

Pleasant Valley United Methodist Women Scholarship

Eleanor Crone

Stuart Reed & Hope Reed Memorial Scholarship

Caroline Germond

Paula Rice Memorial Scholarship

Kendra Anstett

Anne & Harry Rock Scholarship

Christina Gubetta

A. Raymond Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Conor Bailey

Elizabeth Sonier Memorial Scholarship

Jacob Marchand, Taylor Marchand, Elizabeth Wexler

Dwight B Tiffany Memorial Scholarship

 Kendra Anstett, Evan Blass,  Kristyn Carrozzo,  , Ava Christianson, Angelina Delacruz, Jessica Lavoie, Inez Ortiz, Erin Sullivan, Jacob Taylor,  

Sean White Memorial Scholarship

Jacob Taylor

Adele F Winn Memorial Scholarship

 Brianna Hamel, Mallory McCarthy, Emily Munson, Alyson Richard

Winsted Ambulance: Hilbert Memorial Scholarship

Alex Beauchene

Winsted Ambulance: Richard Dillon Memorial Scholarship

Anna Sypniewski

Winsted Ambulance: John Whalen Memorial Scholarship

Ashlyn Zematis

Winsted Ambulance: Ted Todd Memorial Scholarship

Ethan Perlman, Anna King

Evan Zenuh Memorial Scholarship

Reagan Payne

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