Republican candidates at the WInchester Republican Caucus, which was held at Town Hall on Wednesday, July 21.
Republican candidates at the WInchester Republican Caucus, which was held at Town Hall on Wednesday, July 21.

[Correction July 21 11:16 p.m.: Board of Selectman candidate Jonathan Morhardt is 18 years-old and, according to his email, “I am intending to try and graduate Gilbert early in the class of 2022, but that is a coin toss so far.”]

WINSTED — The Winchester Republican Party held its caucus at Town Hall on Wednesday, July 21.
Caucus members endorsed three candidates for this year’s Board of Selectmen’s race.
Selectman Candace Bouchard will be running for her fifth term in office.
Bouchard was first elected as a selectman in 2013 and served as mayor from September 2014 to November 2015.

“Two years prior to being elected [as Selectmen], I spent those years going to selectmen’s meetings to understand the town,” Bouchard said in a speech to the caucus. “During the time I was not elected I was a chairman of the Charter Revision Commission and successfully change two financial components. I was also on a Town Manager search committee, and since 2014 I have been a board member and treasurer of Friends of Main Street. I have been looking out for Main Street and the economic development of it. I have also been supportive of the completion of the Sue Grossman Greenway. I’m looking forward to a solid growth plan [for the town] to go forward, and that’s going to take some hard decisions. We have some $35 million projects that are ahead of us. We’re financially stable, but now we have the real hard decisions to make.”

The caucus also endorsed Selectman Todd Arcelaschi, who was first elected to the board in November 2015.
Arcelaschi was not present at the caucus on July 21.

Photo via Selectman Todd Arcelaschi’s Facebook page.

The third Republican candidate for the Board of Selectmen is Jonathan Morhardt. This is the first time Morhardt has run for a political office. He is the author of the book “Time For A Change”.

“This is truly a life changing event,” Morhardt said. “I am a person who is not that old, as you can all see. I’m 18, but yet I’ve been lucky enough to be running at this time, during Winsted’s 250th anniversary. I am a person who is concerned. As the world is changing, I think we need selectmen who [are] changing how things are going on, in a great way. More conservative and in a younger direction. That’s one of the many reasons why I would like to run.”

Albanesius served three consecutive terms as selectmen from 2008 to 2013, and was re-elected at a special election in September 2014 where he served until November 2017.

“I appreciate a good challenge,” Albanesius said. “This is one of the bigger ones that I have undertaken in my lifetime. I am excited and enthusiastic that we can win this election. I appreciate all you supporting my efforts. We have some work to do but I’ll give it my 100 percent.”

Running for Board of Education are candidates are Salvatore Lovetere and Sondra Puentes Strubhar.