Burlington firefighter still in critical condition after fighting New Hartford House fire

A firefighter who helped at the scene of the New Hartford House fire is still in critical condition.

According to a press release issues by Burlington Fire Department Chief Michael Boucher, Firefighter and EMT Colin McFadden, a six year member of the department, received immediate medical care and was transported to John Dempsey Hospital.

McFadden underwent emergency surgery and is still in critical condition at the hospital’s intensive care unit.

According to Boucher, the doctors at the hospital discovered a previously undiagnosed medical condition that caused McFadden’s sudden illness.

“The statewide blood supply is critical to firefighter McFadden’s Continued care and successful recovery,” Boucher wrote. “Connecticut’s blood supply is seriously low to the point where it is impacting hospitals. Everyone has been asking how they can help. You can help by donating blood as soon as possible, in order to stablize our state’s blood supply, not only for Colin, but for all who are in need.”

To find a Red Cross blood drive, go to this link:

To send get well cards and wishes to Firefighter McFadden write to

Colin McFadden
c/o Burlington Fire
P.O. Box 1285
Burlington, CT 060132

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