9/11 remembered through art at Five Points Gallery

Norwegian artist Torild Stray with one of her works on display at the Five Points Gallery Exhibit
Norwegian artist Torild Stray with one of her works on display at the Five Points Gallery Exhibit "Remembering Ground Zero: 20th Anniversary Show.” Photo by Shaw Israel Izikson.

TORRINGTON — This year marks 20 years since the September 11 attacks, where terrorists killed 2,977 people, and 25,000 people were injured when terrorists hijacked four commercial airplanes.

Two of the airplanes landed into and destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center, one crashed into the Pentagon in Washington DC., and a fourth plane landed in a field in Pennsylvania before terrorists had a chance to crash the plane in its intended target.

While it has been 20 years, what happened on 9/11 is still fresh in the minds of many.

The exhibit “Remembering Ground Zero: 20th Anniversary Show” opened at the Five Points Gallery at 33 Water Street on Friday, Aug. 20.

The exhibit includes the work of six artists who, back in 1997, took part in a pilot artist-in-residency program organized by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

The artists who took part in the program had studios in the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

The exhibit includes paintings and creations that feature the World Trade Center before 9/11, the twin towers being attacked, and its aftermath.

The exhibit was organized by artist Donald Bracken.

“A lot of people now are too young to even remember 9/11,” Bracken said. “Many of them were probably babies when it happened. All of the artists who took part in this exhibit had a very close relationship with the building.”

Norwegian artist Torild Stray was one of the artists who took part in the 1997 program.

“Art can create various dimensions of being alive, and it’s also a way to mourn,” Stray said. “During and after 9/11, we all felt pain and hopelessness, which some of this artwork shows. To me, art can show something that words sometimes cannot say. Visual arts have a way to transcend things in different ways.”

The exhibit runs at the gallery until Saturday, Sept. 25.

For more information on the exhibit, including gallery hours, go to the Five Points Gallery website at fivepointsarts.org

Photos by Shaw Israel Izikson