Members of the Riverton Grange at its annual fair on Saturday, Aug. 21.
Members of the Riverton Grange at its annual fair on Saturday, Aug. 21.

RIVERTON —  The Riverton Grange held its 32nd annual Riverton Grange Fair on Saturday, Aug. 21.

The fair itself was a down-home event featuring baking, agricultural, photography, and craft competitions.

“We have a great group of people who all came together to put this on,” Grange Member Dave Roberts said. “Our grange has been around since 1908. I am a fourth-generation member, and my daughter is a fifth-generation member.”

Roberts said that the Riverton Grange currently has 70 members.

“One of the many things we do is give back to the community,” Roberts said. “This fair is a great opportunity to engage the community, promote agriculture, and have a fun time.”

Riverton Grange Fair President Dennis Jasmin said that he has been a member of the grange for over 50 years.

“It’s a great organization,” Jasmin said. “We would like to get more members, but just like other organizations, it has just gotten harder and harder to get members. We can always use more of them.”

The event included the presentation of the grange’s Community Service Award. 

The nominees for this year’s award included: community volunteer Sarah Lauretti Toomey, Barkhamsted First Selectman Donald Stein, Montano-Shea Funeral Home co-owner Jason Montano, Granby, and Hartland Animal Control Officer Jennifer Kershaw, American Legion National Executive Committeeman for the Department of Connecticut Joseph Jackson, Al Griswold of Barkhamsted Youth Baseball, Barkhamsted Town Hall employee Debbie Brydon, and Captain Keith Archer of the Riverton Volunteer Fire Department

The winners of this year’s award are Archer and Griswold.

Archer has been a member of the fire department for 17 years, joining the department as a junior cadet when he was 14. He is the fire department’s liaison with the Riverton Shopkeeper’s Association, and over the years he has helped to coordinate numerous community events.

Griswold started coaching in Barkhamsted Youth Baseball when his daughter played softball years ago.

Over time, he has served as board secretary, and eventually, he became the board president. 

Griswold could not make the event. However, Archer, who was present at the ceremony, said that he feels honored by the award.

“I think the grange is great,” Archer said. “The grange is a very important part of the town. And I am always appreciative of the town’s support.”

Archer wanted to remind readers that The Riverton Fair is coming up from October 8 to October 10.

“Stop by our fire department’s booth and buy a hamburger!” Archer said. “Our department will be there and we will be serving with a smile.”