Selectmen’s meeting recap: board looking at new noise ordinances and anti-blight regulation changes, police log for July

WINSTED — The Board of Selectmen is looking at enacting new noise ordinances and enforcement for the town.

The board reviewed the proposed new ordinances, as developed by Town Manager Joshua Kelly, at its regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 16.

The board will review and vote on the proposed changes at its next regular meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 7 p.m.

The proposed anti-blight ordinance defines what the town considers to be blight, including buildings and properties that are not being properly maintained, is considered to be a fire hazard, or is deemed to be harmful to the community.

According to the town’s website, the last time Section 180 was changed was in 2015.

The proposed new ordinance expands the town’s definitions of blight from 11 definitions, to 24 definitions.

The current anti-blight ordinance is at this link on page 24:

The proposed regulation in full is on the town’s website at this link:

The proposed noise ordinance greatly expands the town’s current ordinance from three pages to six pages, and includes new sections on noise level and guidelines, enforcement, and penalties, and divides the town into “noise zones.”

The current noise ordinance is at this link on page 9:

The proposed noise ordinance is at this link:

Monthly police report for July

One of the documents included in the selectmen’s meeting packet included the Winchester Police Department’s monthly report for July.

According to Winchester Police Department Chief William Fitzgerald, in July, the evening shift had a total of 292 calls for services. The calls included 35 calls for medical emergencies, five domestic violence complaints, 14 intrusion alarms, 20 suspicious calls, and 30 fireworks complaints.

There was a total of eight arrests in July, including three domestic violence-related arrests, four incidents where officers served arrest warrants, and one from a DUI-related crash.

So far this year, the department has responded to 14 overdose calls, including four fatal overdoses, and eight incidents where officers had to use Narcan. 

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