WINSTED — The following reports and data were all presented at the Board of Selectmen’s regular meeting on Monday, Sept. 20:

Winchester Police Department:
According to Chief William Fitzgerald, the evening shift received a total of 821 calls for service in August, including 323-day calls, 319 evening calls, and 179-morning calls.

The department reported 13 arrests, including two DWI cases (with one case that stemmed from a DUI crash), two domestic violence cases, two Violation of Protective Order cases, two arrests that came from a motor vehicle stop that included motor vehicle misdemeanor offenses, one arrest from interring/resisting officer, and four arrests from serving arrest warrants.

There were 52 medical emergencies, including six emergency committals, 38 general inquiries, two domestic violence and intimidation complaints, eight intrusion alarms, 18 suspicious calls, 18 disturbance/loud noise complaints.

As of August, the department has responded to 17 overdose calls, including four cases that were fatal, and 12 cases where Narcan was administered. In 2020, the department responded to 28 overdose calls, five cases that were fatal, and 19 cases where Narcan was administered.

In August, the Police Department collected 13.8 pounds of medicine a week in its medical drop-off box, which is located in the lobby of police department headquarters in Town Hall.

Fire Marshal’s Office

According to Fire Marshal Steven Williams, in August the department investigated two stove fires, including one at 155 Mathew Road, and another stove fire at 85 Lake Street.

The department conducted several inspections at 22 properties, including several annual inspections of businesses, and residences.

Williams noted in his report that “the Housing Inspector position needs to be filled to handle rental C.O. inspections, housing, and property maintenance complaints the office receives.”

Finance Office

According to Finance Director Bruce Stratford, as of August, the town has collected $13,439,252 in taxes so far for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021, which is 55.51 percent of what has been budgeted for this fiscal year.

Stratford noted that there is $2,069,556 in delinquent taxes as of August, including: $724,398 in delinquent real estate, $106,478 in delinquent water, $81,405 in delinquent sewer, $22,442 delinquent assessment, $280,132 in delinquent personal property, and $854,701 in delinquent motor vehicle taxes.