Photo by Dave Roberts.
Photo by Dave Roberts.

By David Roberts, President Riverton Grange #169

BARKHAMSTED — Lifelong Barkhamsted resident Doug Roberts and Winsted resident Shirley Moore were both feted with a joint birthday party celebration at the Barkhamsted Senior Center hosted by Lorraine Paul and Dave Roberts.  Dave Roberts is the nephew of Doug Roberts and a distant cousin of Shirley Moore.  Over 40 local family and friends attended the party which included a homemade spaghetti and meatball luncheon and a festive birthday cake.

Both Doug Roberts and Shirley Moore were born 5 days apart in 1924 when Calvin Coolidge was President and the average cost of a new home was $7,720.  The two local residents attended elementary and high school together and have known each other their entire lives.

Roberts has served for decades as the Barkhamsted Town Historian and is a former Riverton Fire Chief and member of the Barkhamsted Lions Club.  Moore has been active in Riverton Grange for decades and raised two boys and three girls. 

Lorraine Paul entertained the attendees with a song about growing old and Dave Roberts presented facts about 1924.  Dave Roberts noted that the average life expectancy for men born in 1924 was 58.1 years and for women born in 1924, the average life expectancy was 61.5 years.

The Roberts and Moore families have been connected for generations due to the marriage of Doug Roberts’ 2nd great-grandfather’s sister (Thankful Roberts Moore) to De Marquis de Casso Y Rujo Moore in December of 1823 (almost 200 years).  It is ironic that many generations later, Shirley Moore would marry a descendant of this Rujo Moore also named De Marquis de Casso Y Rujo Moore. 

Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities (ECAD) co-founders Lu and Dale Picard, also attended the party celebration with service dog Tuna, as Roberts has been passionate about service dogs.  In addition, members of the Barkhamsted Senior Center, Riverton Fire Department and Barkhamsted Historical Society also attended the event.

The Roberts and Moore families have both been active in Riverton Grange #169 since its founding in 1908 and many Grange friends attended the joint 97th birthday celebration.  

Photos by Dave Roberts

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